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Personal Injury

Attorney Wade Coye offers his free book on the secrets and lies of personal injury cases,”Sharing the Secrets, Learning the Lies: A Guide to Personal Injury.”
Car accidents often damage more than just your car. Download this eBook and discover 7 possible ways to pay your medical bills after a Florida car accident.
Struggling to pay medical bills after a car accident? Download Wade Coye’s free infographic, “Who Will Pay My Bills After a Car Accident? 7 Possible Resources”

Workers' Compensation

Get crucial information for injured workers in Florida: a free copy of attorney Wade Coye’s book, Sharing the Secrets: A Guide to Florida Workers’ Compensation
You can receive reimbursement for the expense of driving to doctor appointments if the appointment is related to your on-the-job injury.

Disability Law

Attorneys Wade Coye and Daniel E. Smith II explain private disability insurance and applying or appealing for Social Security disability and Veterans Affairs.

Veterans' Disability

Request a Free Copy of Wade Coye’s book “Standby to Standby: Why Your Veterans Benefits are Taking So Long and What YOU Can Do About It”


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