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Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis
4 Months Ago
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Mr Wade explained everything to me in full so I could have a good understanding of my case. From the beginning they did not give me any false hope or try to predict how much money I would be getting he was right up front and I like that. I was very happy with every part of the service and I would definitely love for them to handle any of my disability issues in the future. Mr coye never rushed through any meetings ....
Kenneth Krietemeyer
Kenneth Krietemeyer
1 Month Ago
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I had a wonderful experience with Coye Law Firm. They fought for me the whole time kept me informed the whole time. Nicholas kept me up to date anytime anything was going on and help me figure out everything I needed to as far as downloading things uploading things signatures. All in all they did everything...
Tony Sanz
Tony Sanz
5 Months Ago
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Coye Law Firm handled my Worker's Comp claim smoothly and accurately. The team negotiated my claim until getting the best possible compensation for my specific situation.

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