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Disabled Veterans, Listen Up!

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the several veterans who are struggling with the Veterans Administration…an organization that moves about as fast as pond water. 

You’ve served your country, but now your service-connected injury or illness has made it difficult for you to transition to civilian life. 

Lucky for you, you’ve searched for answers and have stumbled upon my Veterans’ Disability book, which means you will be squared away in no time. 

From Standby to Standby you will learn… 

  • 5 things you can do to move your case along quicker
  • Why it takes so long to receive a decision
  • 6 tips for writing an email to your Congressman and/or Senator about your claim
  • How to create and authenticate your eBenefits account
  • What an “Awarded Benefits” letter looks like
  • What a “Denial for Benefits” letter looks like
  • How to appeal a denied claim, and much more…

Why Did I Write This Book?

“As a veteran myself, and a squared away attorney who has helped hundreds of veterans with their disability claims, I know firsthand just how drawn out the process can be.

Unfortunately, applying for veterans’ benefits and navigating the system on your own could make your claim dead on arrival, and a weak or incomplete claim could languish for a long period of time before ultimately being denied, leaving you feeling let down by the country you have served. 

I realized that many people do not have access to solid, honest information about veterans’ disability benefits and I wanted to change that. The better you understand the system, the quicker you can receive the benefits you deserve.” – Wade Coye

See What Others Are Saying About Standby to Standby

“A must have book for every Veteran, and/or Veteran’s Family member.”

As a disabled Veteran, I found this book by Wade Coye, of the Coye Law Firm, to be very informative on how to deal with filing my VA Compensation Claim, what to expect, and what I can do to help my claim move along.

This book is simply Outstanding. I really wish this book was available years ago. I now have a better understanding on how to deal with my VA Claim. I can not even begin to tell you how important this book is to us Veterans are either beginning, or in the middle of dealing with the VA Compensation department. I have gained valuable knowledge after reading this book.

– JoeAmazon Book Review

“Wade knows the military and the legal aspects of this critical topic and shoots from the hip!”

Having served as a Battalion Surgeon for USMC in Vietnam and having cared for Disabled Victims in recent years, the impact of Wade’s writing rings true to this reader. Wade addresses Why is it taking so long to receive a decision?, 5 things you can do to move your case along quicker (Have access to a physician outside the VA, Collect Nexus letters, Remember the buddy system and collect ‘buddy letters’ (witnesses to your claim), Write to your congressman /Senator (and how to find and email them), and Create an eBenefits account (and how to achieve this). Wade also lists the needs for qualifications for Veterans Disability, and lastly – How to apply for benefits. After sharing images of forms Wade offers advice on what to do if denied.

There is more information in this book about the definition, process, options, benefits available and advantages of working with the government for Veterans than any brief book out there. Wade knows the military and the legal aspects of this critical topic and shoots from the hip! Highly recommended. 

– G.H., Amazon Book Review

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