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Standby to Standby: A Comprehensive Book on Veteran Benefits

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From Standby to Standby you will learn…

  • 5 things you can do to move your case along quicker
  • Why it takes so long to receive a decision
  • 6 tips for writing an email to your Congressman and/or Senator about your claim
  • How to create and authenticate your eBenefits account
  • What an “Awarded Benefits” letter looks like
  • What a “Denial for Benefits” letter looks like
  • How to appeal a denied claim, and much more…

What's in the book?

  • This book serves as a valuable foundation to help you get started in the VA Benefits Process. 
  • The Veterans Administration, established before the civil war ended, serves to take care of Veterans and your rights.  
  • There are many benefits available to veterans including: health care, counseling, maternity care, reimbursement of travel costs and many more!
  • Direct Service-Connected Disability and Presumptive Illness are some of the most common qualifiers for VA Benefits. 
  • Create an ebenefits account to get started ASAP!
  • The online system is the fastest and easiest way to apply for benefits. 
  • Intent to File lets th VA know you are about to file a claim for benefits. 
  • Step by step instructions for applying online!
  • You can also apply via mail  
  • Disability Benefits Questionnaires- a cheat sheet for what the VA is looking for to prove your claim.
  • Make an appointment with the VA doctors.
  • Don’t underestimate the evidence!
  • Each claim is rated based on
    • If the injury or condition is service-connected 
    • The severity of the injury or condition 
  • TDIU- Total Disability Individual Unemployability 
  • An introduction to Social Security Disability
  • Maximize your benefits
  • Appealing a denial 
  • Medical records from treatment 
  • Should I hire an attorney? 
  • VA has made the process quicker by adding a Lanes system 
  • By introducing Higher Level Review Lane, Supplemental Claim Lane, and Appeal to the Board Lane, the VA has streamlined the appeal process. 
  • VA has a huge backlog of claims, and unfortunately they are also understaffed.
  • Three things you can do to move your case along quicker!
  • Apply ASAP
  • File Officially
  • Retroactive Payments 
  • Medical releases and contact information 
  • Condition of discharge
  • DD-214
  • Is it in your file?
  • Fully developed claims 
  • Duty to notify
  • Obligation to inform 

Why do I need a Lawyer?

  • Hiring an attorney for your disability benefits claim is not a requirement, but hiring an attorney who specializes in disability law can ensure that you are given a fair chance and help navigate the complex process 
  • Disability law requirements can make a seemingly simple case more difficult, and an attorney can help you understand the importance of certain factors that could make a difference in the outcome. 
  • Ultimately, hiring an attorney can increase your chances of a successful outcome in your disability benefits claim.
  • Veteran: US Infantry
  •  Member: New York Bar, Michigan Bar, District of Colombia Bar, and Florida Bar 
  • Married with 5 children
  • Practicing Law for 30 years 

Meet the Author

Wade B. Coye is an established author, with several publications exploring the ins and outs of different fields of law. His books are written in plain language—you won’t need a law degree to understand the concepts being laid out. We believe in creating an environment of understanding: everyone has the right to know what goes on in our office, which is why we provide these books and other materials for FREE. Just fill out the form at the top of the page to receive your copy!