Coye Law Firm

I Didn't Know Anything About Work Comp, But Now I'm an Expert!

When I needed an attorney, I looked online and researched three different firms. I went to another firm first before coming to the Coye Law Firm, but I decided to go with Coye Law because I liked the way that Mr. Coye explained everything to me.

I didn’t know anything about workers’ comp and had no idea what to do in my claim. Mr. Coye explained the process to me and sent me his book, and now I’m a work comp EXPERT!

I felt informed about my claim throughout the whole process. Atiya did a really good job. Communication was good and I think she even called me 3 times in one day.

If someone asked me about Coye Law Firm, I would say… they’re gonna tell you the truth about your claim. They won’t lie to you. Mr. Coye is very straight-forward, and I like that.

-AES, Kissimmee, Fl