Coye Law Firm

Coye Law sticks to their word & works hard for their clients

Angela S. called our law firm after being referred by another client of ours that she attended physical therapy with. 

“I was with a larger, more well-known firm before, but I felt like they were unattached to my case and my interests. I asked myself if I was making the right decision, and I feared that I wasn’t.”

“The Coye Law Firm was great! I met with Mr. Coye on my first appointment in the office. He’s from New York like I am. I felt very relaxed and the team explained everything pretty well.”

“The ENTIRE staff was personable and polite, and my case manager Cheyenne was fantastic! She answered all of my questions and my case was completed way faster than I thought it would be.”

“If someone asked me why they should choose the Coye Law Firm, I would tell them that it’s a great law firm because they stick to their word and work hard for their clients.”

-Angela S., Wesley Chapel, Fl