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  • Due to the pandemic, medical centers are packed with patients, resulting in long wait times and the risk of exposing patients to the virus.
  • Individuals involved in a car crash need medical attention within 14 days for insurance purposes, and during these trying times, it could be difficult to seek a doctor immediately.
  • Entering a medical facility can put potential clients at risk of getting the COVID-19, putting potential clients at risk of exposure.



  1. Make a virtual appointment with a medical provider, such as Centra Care, to avoid public exposure of the virus. Click here to schedule an appointment TODAY!
  2. Request medical care IMMEDIATELY to have the best representation possible.
  3. Call Coye Law Firm! Coye Law Firm cares for you, which is why we grant our clients access to doctors that we personally think would be best suited based on the accident! Call us at 407-648-4940 TODAY!

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3 Things about COVID-19 and your workers compensation case:

  1. Losing your job due to the pandemic doesn’t necessarily mean your case will be closed, it actually could result in a larger settlement amount!!
  2. Workers comp HAS to give you a doctor, EVEN IF the doctor won’t see you in person. This means, they may have to schedule a telemedicine visit.
  3. If the work comp doctor has you on light duty, and your employer is providing you with light duty, AND YOU LOSE YOUR JOB, workers comp may have to pay you temporary partial disability because you’re not working!