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Can I Change Lawyers in the Middle of a Workers' Comp Case?

If I don’t like my attorney, can I hire a new one?

If an injured worker is frustrated with their case’s progress, he or she may become frustrated with their attorney and decide to seek the opinion of another attorney.

You should know that you can always hire another attorney, but keep in mind that hiring a new attorney may cost you time and money.

If the attorney you’ve hired is taking little to no action, and no benefits have accrued or have been paid to you, then the amount of fees that are owed to that attorney are probably very little. The attorney would be paid from either a settlement that you would receive in the future or directly from the insurance company.

Most attorneys will be more than happy to meet with you for the purposes of a second opinion, even if you have been receiving advice from another attorney. It’s up to you to make a choice as to what is best for you.

How many times can I change attorneys?

Sometimes having the opinion of an additional attorney can bring some clarity to a case. In some extreme cases, having the opinion of more than two attorneys can be helpful. Usually, the frustration that comes with a workers’ compensation case is due to the workers’ comp system.

Frustrated injured workers might not believe the advice they are receiving from each attorney and will attempt to find an attorney who will agree with them about their stance in the case. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this approach, sometimes having multiple attorneys can inhibit future attorneys from taking an injured worker’s case.

Since, in the end, the only real thing an attorney has to offer is their advice and representation throughout the case, if the injured worker disagrees with the law and has sought out multiple attorneys for a different interpretation of the law than most attorneys share, this may have a negative impact on the case.

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