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Injured in an Accident? Discover 37 Secrets and 19 Lies about Injury Law and Car Accidents

If you’ve recently been in a car accident in Florida you’ve likely been bombarded with advice from friends, family, and neighbors about what you should do…

Insurance adjusters are probably calling you and trying to rush you to sign a form or give a recorded statement. And looking for the right attorney can be burdensome, since it’s almost impossible to tell one from another by their advertising. 

In this free book, written especially for Florida accident victims by  Attorney/Author/Veteran Wade Coye, you will learn 37 secrets and 19 lies about injury law and car accidents, including… 

  1. The ONE THING you must do within 14 days of your accident (page 46)
  2. The two most important factors in determining case value (page 8)
  3. How to understand what your insurance will and will not cover (chapter 3)
  4. 6 critical steps you must take after an accident (chapter 7)
  5. Why you should NOT trust the insurance company’s repair shop (page 78)
  6. How to choose the right doctor (chapter 5)
  7. A claim you could make against your own insurance company if your car is damaged, but not totaled (page 87)
  8. The secrets to getting a fair settlement (chapter 10)
  9. An 8-step breakdown of the normal process for lawsuits (page 121)
  10. The one 4-letter word that might cost you (chapter 12)
  11. How to start gathering the most important evidence you need (page 75)
  12. …and more!

All of this information, valued at $16.95 is yours – absolutely free! 

This is not a book for lawyers or law students, it is a book for you – the everyday consumer. (In fact, I wrote an earlier version that became too technical and boring so I threw it away and started again.You won’t find any boring legalese or “lawyer language,” in my book. Instead, you’ll find easy-to-read chapters written in plain language and a summarization of key points at the end of each chapter.


Why Did I Write a Book about the Secrets and Lies of Personal Injury?

“A few years ago, I walked into a meeting with a memorable client… 

This client was in a very serious accident. She had just started a new job and revealed to me that she was very concerned about being able to pay her costly medical bills. 

This client was memorable to me because the more she learned about her case, the more she realized how easy it was to make a mistake that could seriously cost her. Every time I met with her to discuss her case, she would lament, “Gosh, I wish I knew this before I called you!” 

That’s when I realized I needed to write a book for people like this client. Everyday people that don’t need to know every minute legal detail, but need to know the typical tactics that insurance adjusters might use to pay them less on a claim and the secrets to getting the best settlement possible.

Don’t make a costly mistake in your case. Get my book today” – Wade B. Coye

See What Others Are Saying About Sharing the Secrets, Learning the Lies

“A wonderful way of breaking the information down into small bites without legalese jargon”

Wade Coye is a Florida attorney/author who clearly knows his stuff. In impressive and direct detail he uses that knowledge and experience of the law to give us his readers the ins and outs of personal injury accidents. I found he had a wonderful way of breaking the information down into small bites without legalese jargon so that anyone could clearly understand. While this is a small book there is a lot of information covered such as types of cases, insurance, what to do when an accident occurs and much more.

– C.C., Amazon Review

“Wade Coye puts his experience and knowledge in the field to excellent use in his book”

With an intelligent and witty tone and style, author Wade Coye puts his experience and knowledge in the field to excellent use in his book […] As an attorney, Coye is a credible expert, and this book is an easy to understand and credible source of information for anyone that wants, or needs to understand the legal framework and actual requirements of a personal injury case. We all know that accidents happen, and Coye provides for us a point of reference for what to do, and not to do – when we suffer an accident that costs more than a bruised ego and a few bumps or scrapes.

 C.G., Amazon Review

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