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This is What Makes a Good Case

Ahh the end of an era and a chaotic one at that. Is it just me or was it just one thing after another last year? Good riddance! It seems the office of Social Security harbors a similar sentiment in their election to take a 3-day weekend in “observance of the new year”.

While the Social Security Administration licks their wounds I thought it would be helpful to share some tips in crafting an effective Social Security claim.

There are certain factors that cannot be changed such as your age or condition however, there are other factors you might be able to take action on to make your case more attractive to a disability attorney.

1. How Often Are You Seeing a Doctor?

Accurate medical records are likely the biggest “make or break” of a potential social security case. If you are not currently seeing a doctor and don’t have a history of seeing one for several years, you’ll have a harder time finding representation.

2. Are You Currently Working?

If you are currently on the job, most attorneys will see this as a red flag. “If they’re capable of working, why are they claiming to be incapable?” That is what the Social Security Administration will likely think. Even if you are earning under the maximum amount of generally $1,300 a month to qualify for benefits, judges will likely be skeptical.

3. Is There Substance Abuse?

Usually your medical conditions have to be extraordinarily severe for an attorney to take a case while you are abusing a substance. Social Security doesn’t like to see it. It’s not a good look. That being said, attorneys are usually open to taking claimants who have been in recovery for a number of years.

4. Are You Receiving Unemployment Benefits?

In many states, by applying for unemployment benefits you are saying that you are ready and willing to work at the first opportunity. Surely you can see why this would be considered a complication. 


The reason I’m sharing this with you all is because I want each and every one of you to have the greatest chance possible in obtaining your well-deserved benefits. “There are no casualties in a warned war.” That’s an old saying my mother likes to use when threatening my brother and I. I did my best to translate it!

I hope you all are having an amazing start of the new year and for many more to come!


Gamal Rivera is a full-time Political Science Student at UCF, full-time Customer Service Associate at your local Walmart and part-time Legal Intern at Coye Law Firm with aspirations to attend law school and become an Attorney.

“A full schedule is a good schedule!”