Coye Law Firm

Meet Our New Interns!

Here at Coye Law Firm, we understand that the field of law is constantly evolving—and we strive to adapt alongside it. We take pride in providing the opportunity for undergraduate students as well as current law students to get real experience early on as they prepare for a career in the legal field. Today, we’d like you to meet some of the next generation.

Madison Thigpen

Hello! My name is Madison, but I also go by Maddy. I am studying Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Law and a minor in Crime, Law, and Deviance. I have a passion for justice and hope to attend law school in the fall of 2024. In my free time, I enjoy quality time with friends and family, reading, dancing, and traveling.

Mirabella Miller

Hey! I’m Mirabella. I’m a senior at UCF studying Writing & Rhetoric with a music minor, and a hopeful future law student. When I’m not working or studying for the LSAT, you can find me practicing bass guitar, painting with friends, doing an escape room, or attending local live music events.

Quinterra Sherman

Hello! My name is Quinterra Sherman, I am a Law Clerk and third-year law student at Florida A&M University, College of Law. Currently, I am active in the Student Bar Association as well as the Women’s Law Caucus. Post graduation, I will prepare for the bar and begin my career as a lawyer in the state of Florida. I am passionate about advocating for others and helping to meet the needs of the underrepresented. In my free time, I enjoy concerts and finding new restaurants.

Abigail Ayres

Hello! My name is Abigail Ayres and I am a senior at the University of Central majoring in History. This summer, I started at Coye Law Firm as an intern and it has been a great learning experience as I continue on my journey to law school.