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Thanksgiving Traditions: Coye Law Edition

Happy almost Thanksgiving, everyone!

The holiday season brings on all kinds of traditions and customs. Read below for a look into some Coye Law team members’ traditions:


“My family tradition is that after prayer and before we eat, everyone goes around the table and says what they are thankful for that year. We also always start with the youngest and then finish with my Grandmother.”

-Attorney Marchella McGinnis

“One of my Thanksgiving family traditions is that my Mom, Aunt, and I get together the day before to prep all of the food for the next day. We all get together on Wednesday to have a Christmas movie marathon while we cook together. It really puts us in the holiday mood and lets Thanksgiving day be a little less hectic thanks to our prepping.”

-Samantha Preddy, SSD Department

“My family tradition is that we always put the Christmas tree together while we’re cooking our big Thanksgiving feast. It gives the kids something to help with and definitely adds a smile to all of our faces.”

-Ashley Deskins, WC Department

Does your family have any unique Thanksgiving day traditions you take part in?