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Quickest Way to Get your COVID Vaccine

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  Many people have suffered from COVID-19 this past year and there are finally 2 vaccines available. Moderna and Pfizer are the companies that are providing vaccines in order to help people during these difficult times. According to click orlando all 67 counties in Florida have received either the Moderna vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine.Below is information about where you can get the vaccine:
  • People who are 65 and older as well as health care workers should look up their local health department websites in order to stay up to date with appointments and information about the vaccine.
  • For more information about the COVID vaccine, Advent Health provides alerts in order to keep you up to date. click here. Their phone number is 877-847-8747.
  • Publix is another location where you can get your vaccine.
  • Orlando Health is another place where people can find information about the vaccine. Their phone number is 877-321-2684
  • Below is an image of what scheduling and registering should look like. Visit that website.Here is what you need to know about the vaccines:
    • Moderna’s vaccine: According to the CDC, it is recommended for people 18 and older to receive it. Based on clinical trials, this vaccine is 94.1% effective.
    • Pfizer’s vaccine: According to the CDC, it is recommended for people 16 and older. Based on clinical trials, this vaccine is 95% effective.Important information about Covid Testing

      The CDC highly recommends people who have symptoms of Covid-19, people who have been in contact with other individuals that have had the virus, as well as if you were in a crowded area where you could be at risk to get tested. Once you get tested, it is crucial for you to self quarantine until you know your results. In order to stay safe and help prevent this virus, you should avoid large crowds, wear a mask and try to stay 6 feet apart other people.