Coye Law Firm

Paola Lusardi

Paola started off as one of our front desk legal interns and quickly rose to be one of our Social Security Disability Case Managers! She was born in Margarita Island, Venezuela and has spent the majority of her life living in Miami, Florida. Once she graduated from high school, she decided to move to Orlando to pursue her bachelor’s degree at UCF. Paola graduated from the University of Central Florida, in Spring 2020, with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Legal Studies and Film Studies and a minor in Mass Communications. 

Paola loves being able to spend time with friends and family in her free time; she especially loves playing with and caring for her rescue pup, Archie! She also enjoys expressing herself through multiple art forms. She enjoys singing, painting, decorating, and dancing whenever she gets the chance. On the weekends Paola tries to spend as much time doing all her favorite past times.                                                                            

Here at the Coye Law Firm, Paola is very dedicated to her role as Case Manager for the Social Security Disability department. She is responsible for overseeing our clients’ cases, submitting applications, processing appeals, and preparing our clients in every way leading up to their hearings. Paola works hand in hand with Marchella and Samantha to ensure the best service for all our Social Security Disability clients.

Paola says “Working at the Coye Law Firm has deeply connected me back to the central reasons I have always wanted to be an attorney. Since I was about 8 years old, I noticed that the way I saw life was different and so was my urge to empower and advocate for those in need. I have always had a strong desire and voice to stand up against injustices and defend those in need. Many people struggle to be heard, and I yearn to help by being their voice.” 

We are truly grateful to have someone with such a kind and dedicated heart on our team!